How to avoid loosing your Laptop?

Now you have the opportunity to protect your laptop from thieves.

Their is a software called prey help to avoid loosing laptops.Without regarding the operating system (Windows,Linux or Mac) you can use this software. After install this software in your laptop no one can detect it,it simply hide on your laptop and protect your laptop.

Let's see how it works....

1. First you should register in to the site called http://preyproject.com/

2. Then you can download the software and install in your laptop.

That's it.........

When you lost your Laptop........

You should log in to the site and inform them you lost your Laptop...

Then the software which you installed, automatically connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and send the messages to you according to your preference.

Prey can send the geo location of the laptop,details of the laptop, details about connections, details about folders or data, running programs, if have webcam it can send images automatically.If laptop is  near to us it can generate alert sound or changing the wallpapers to identify laptop easily.

But, if thief format your laptop this method can't be useful to find your laptop. But Prey give some chance to protect your Lap. I think better to do something rather than doing nothing.

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  1. Anonymous3/9/10 21:41

    what will happen if laptops HDD has formatted after stolen it?

  2. Nothing to do as I mentioned in my post... But you have some probability to find it before formatting.