Mobile computing

Mobile computing refers to the use of small and portable computing devices in wireless enabled networks that provide wireless connections to a central main server. These devices include laptops, notebook PCs, tablet PCs, palmtops, personal digital assistant (PDAs) and other hand held devices. A radio-signaling device is installed inside these devices for receiving and transmitting electronic data. It provides mobility to the user then user can create, access, process, store, and communicate information without being constrained to a single location. And it provides the capabilities such as access internet, e-mail, file sharing, etc. 

Mobile computing has three main aspects, mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software. Mobile communication refers to translation from fixed network infrastructures into more portable network infrastructures along with the protocols, data format, etc. For example it converts Wired LAN to Wireless LAN or satellite based communication system.  Mobile hardware refers to mobile equipments which can easily change their locations such as laptops, mobile phones, PDAs. Mobile software is about both of system and application software which can run in those mobile devices. Mobile computing combines these three aspects together.
 As mentioned before Mobile computing has enabled users to remain connected while on the move. High end users can opt for satellite based networking which provides wireless connectivity anywhere in the world. However, this technology is costly and will take many years to become as affordable as Wi-Fi and WiMax. I listed the advantages and challenges of mobile computing below.
There are some advantages in mobile computing.


  • ·         The main advantage is mobility. Users can use the system while on the move.
  • ·         Mobile networks can easily set up. Because it not needs physical network infrastructure and no need to wiring or connecting. Just need to connect to wireless network.
  • ·         Have capability of easily move mobile devices from one network to another.
  • ·         Even in the disaster or in war condition mobile network can stay alive and do the functions better than the permanent network.
  • ·         Mobile computing allows creating Ad-hoc networks as user requirements. In the cases like Emergency disaster management, Military operation in remote sites, Business meeting venues without infrastructure support.
  • ·         Without considering the location user can access the internet, send and receive e-mails, do file sharing easily even on the way.
  • ·         Save the valuable time of people because they can do their work while traveling.
  • ·         Cost effective. Mobile computing no need money to spend for buys wires.
  • ·         Increase the efficiency of information transmission.
  As well as it has some Challenges.

  • ·         Bandwidth limitation is major challenge. Day by day number of mobile devices is increasing. But has only same amount of bandwidth to divide. Thus, mobile data transmissions become slower than wired data transmission.
  • ·         Transmission interferences around the world such as rain drops, fogs, dust and buildings, mountains can affect the mobile transmission by reducing the signal.
  • ·         Due to need mobility mobile devices should be less heavy and small. So has challenge to improve the performance of the devices while obeying the design limitations of the devices.
  • ·         Mobile devices use batteries to acquire power to stay alive. So need very powerful batteries but has some challenge to produce batteries within the limitations of weight and size of the devices.
  • ·         Due to transmit data across the space it is easy to hack the communication channel. Then need high security standards, encryption methods etc.
  • ·         Users have difficulties because of small size of the device and few numbers of keys.
  • ·         In wireless network signal strength varying time to time and sometimes cause to breakdown the connection.
  • ·         System should have methods to find the location of the mobile devices.
  • ·         Signals of the mobile devices badly effect to health of humans.
  • ·         Used batteries cause to pollute the environment.
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