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Here I descirbe about SuperGIS Desktop. You can view other GIS softwares like XMap 7, ArcGIS Maptitude in my blog.

SuperGIS Desktop

SuperGeo Technologies produces GIS software called SuperGIS Desktop 3 to provide a GIS professional platform for geo-processing and displaying, editing, managing, querying and analyzing geographic data even faster and more easily. It has enhanced features in editing, displaying and geo-processing and has strength data operations. It also has powerful tools to assure the quality of data and even with complex GIS data user still can get higher performance.[1]

Apart from above mentioned features SuperGIS Desktop consist tools for analyzing GIS data. It can visualize spatial data to show the original landforms and its spatial features.

Following features cause to empower the functionalities of SuperGIS Desktop.

Efficiency – with the aid of high quality image processing performance and quicker and more stable geo-processing performance SuperGIS Desktop 3 provides efficient environment for GIS.

Easy accessible Tools - various browsing shortcut keys can facilitate map navigation and effectively improve the working performance.

Flexibility in map editing- excellent editing functions provide flexibility in map editing.

Improved Image Processing Techniques- More powerful image processing functions are offered to better utilize and enhance image data.

Perfect Map Quality- SuperGIS Desktop 3 has brand new chart tools, more powerful legend settings, more map templates as well as the numerous compass styles.

Easy to Customize a GIS Platform- SuperGIS Desktop 3 provides customization functions to let you create and adjust various GIS tools, enabling users to customize appropriate functions.

Tighter Integration of Databases and OGC Standards- SuperGIS Desktop 3 greatly enhances the interoperability of databases and servers. SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports various types of spatial databases, such as Personal Geodatabase(mdb), SQL Server and Oracle Spatial. The feature not only enables users to share, exchange, edit and read spatial data with the spatial databases but also allows multiple users to read the files online to improve the availability of the data. The support of OGC standards enhances the quality of map display and provides an environment to perfectly display web map services.

Users who have system requirement as Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7(32/64 bit) Operating System, 1.6 GHz or higher CPU Speed and 1 GB minimum Memory/RAM can use SuperGIS Desktop application.[1]


[1]http://www.supergeotek.com/productpage_SG3.aspx?Type=Brochure and White Papers

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