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This is fourth article about the proprietary GIS softwares. You can see my previous articles also abot GIS softwares.


Caliper Corporation adds another GIS software to software world called Maptitude which provide the facility to view, edit and integrates maps. This software not only use for geographical visualization but also use for analysis of data.

Caliper Corporation decided to attract business users for Maptitude but nowadays it works on many other sectors like government and education. Maptitude integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and programming languages like VB for offer better performance.

According to the website of Caliper Corporation Maptitude has the richest feature set and highest performance of any mapping software.[1] In addition it says Maptitude provides many new features to the GIS software world and with Maptitude users can easily create and edit maps, analyze geographic data, and connect to corporate data resources.

Maptitude has following features.

With the aid of Create-a-Map Wizard, it is easy to create a new map by easily asking to the few questions. And if offers flexibility and power to customize maps in numerous ways and MapWizard automatic mapping technology helps you create color and pattern maps, dot-density maps, scaled-symbol maps, and maps with integrated pie or bar charts. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, patterns, and symbols to enhance your presentation, and use editing and drawing tools to customize maps to match your needs [2].

Maptitude also provides a map library that contains over 100 pre-designed maps listed by category. [2] They can use to create own map of user.

You can also use raster images such as satellite or aerial photographs directly in your maps. Maptitude includes toolboxes for quickly accessing on-line images from OpenGIS Web Map Services and Google Earth.

Finally,To use Maptitude user should has Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with 32 MB RAM, 340 MB hard disk space for program files and Video card capable of displaying XGA at 16-bit colors[1].



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